In the general sense, art is the unique way of expression of emotions and beauty wheras design is the idea and various applications which are descriptive and directive. With their explained features, art and design are the two complementary facts contributing to the improvement of universal values.

Within the scope, Art, Design and Architecture Faculty aims  to educate researchers who can reveal unique products in different fields of art, provide products to the service of humanity, bring new aspects to the art, design and architecture by blending contemporary values with its cultural and historical property, examine, observe and follow scientific developments closely.

All the departments in our faculty are in structuring process. Within our departments, there will be academic staff who has the necessary global vision to train researchers and can give education in accordance with above-stated objectives. There will be fully-equipped classes, studios and laboratories capable to provide required conditions for raising qualified and skilled artists, designers and researhers who can produce works of art, design and architecture which can be applicable to the science, technology and industry.