Dean's Message

A new faculty has been established in the center of İstanbul to contribute to the art knowledge of our country. Our faculty consists of five academic departments which are Stage and Performing Arts, Visual Communication Design, Turkish Music, Architecture and Urban and Regional Planning.
Nowadays, society is in the need of art and aesthetics more ever due to monotony or shallowness of new live styles which come with new era. Actually, need of finding the one which is beauiful and good has never ended and continued from the beginning. How different could be humanbeing who had drawn some paintings with some simple strokes on their caves or chased various imageries on to stones put for religious ceremonies before 12000 years and from modern humanbeing ?
That humanbeing who improves and makes easier the world with current technology don´t give up art is related with its codes beyond its material structure. Also, humanbeing is aware of how art gives clues of life which is yearned. The understandibility of art, aesthetics and design which makes functional organization of them and that they become common ground, makes all those concepts as a wide World common language. In this way, it is obvious that the more we have a voice over art, the more place we will have in world. Our way of seeing art is quite descriptive for education and research goals of our faculty. For this purpose, postgraduate programmes will be at the forefront while research and practice will be main areas concentrated on.
In our faculty, we aim for art, design and architecture education under the leadership of scholars who have new discourses, seek for the one better and more beautiful by human- centered approaches, do qualified sicientific studies and reveal innovations not only in our country but also in entire world.
As being Art, Desing and Archiecture Faculty, we are waiting for academicians and students who share the same enthusiasm with us.